Looking for refills? We stock 100's of refills in varying strengths & flavours View refills
Looking for refills? We stock 100's of refills in varying strengths & flavours View refills
Looking for refills? We stock 100's of refills in varying strengths & flavours View refills

How to smoke an E-Cigarette

Have you ever tried electronic cigarettes and thought 'these are not for me'. Give reVap a try and you will be surprised at how easy it is to make that all important switch. Here's how to vape an e-cig to get the full reVap satisfaction.

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Online stockists of rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes

No longer do you need a degree to get the best components of a quality electronic cigarette from a website. ReVap.com has been created to offer you the widest range of e-cigarette products online, ranging from cartomisers and e-liquids to rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes. Here at reVap, our goal is to offer the best products in simple packaged solutions and brand new technology coupled with our team's extensive research allows us to do just that.

At reVap, we always think of the customer first. You will find our service second to none. Whether you want advice on our disposable cigarettes or any other products, feel free to use our 'Help & Advice' icon on the bottom left of your screen, a handy tool available just when you need it.

In our modern times, more and more people are realising that it no longer makes sense to smoke analogue cigarettes along with all the carcinogens, tar and 4,000 different chemicals (not to mention the bad breath, visits outside and passive smoking inflicted on family and others) when electronic cigarettes can satisfy the same nicotine craving along with the 'habit' without those negatives. Once you get through the initial few days, you wonder why you didn't do it before, even opening up to a whole world of flavours. With reVap, it becomes even easier as our range of products guide you through the various stages and even weight gain issues associated with giving up are eliminated as the 'habit' and the hand-to-mouth action is still being satisfied... With a wide range of rechargeable electronic cigarettes to choose from why not make the switch today and join the reVap revolution!

If you would like more information about our rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes, cartomisers and any other e-cigarette accessories online, please call 08081 651 651 or contact us.

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